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Freedom Flotilla; Live images from the IHH ship, 15 dead/50 wounded civilians

IDF commandoes descending from an helicopter on the IHH turkish ship. The ship is surrounded by Navy vessels.

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Comment by TL Winslow
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The flotilla incident was obviously staged by a rapidly re-Islamizing Turkey to create a provocation as a prelude to war with Israel. They packed the flotilla with Turkish jihadists armed with deadly weapons, and knowing that the IDF has peacefully boarded several other flotillas without incident, decided to start one. The well-orchestrated worldwide Islamic protests prove it was a set-up. Instead of trying to appease Islam, which is like trying to appease the Terminator, he should be backing Israel more than ever now that it's way outnumbered and surrounded, and suffering from a fifth column of Muslims in Europe.

Comment by Sharon Jarvis
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Which is stupider? 

Turkey, the so-called Israeli friend, loads up six ships to run a blockade meant to keep out weapons, refuses to have the cargo examined, chants "death to the Jews" while loading the supplies, and forces a confrontation.

Israel sends soldiers to stop them, carrying paint-ball guns.  (That's why one soldier was hurled 30 feet to a deck below before others showed up with real guns.)

Or even stupider: journalists making statements before they have any facts.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Israeli police say 16 Gaza activists sent to jail


By AMY TEIBEL and TIA GOLDENBERG, Associated Press Writers Amy Teibel And Tia Goldenberg, Associated Press Writers – 43 mins ago

JERUSALEM – Israeli police say 16 pro-Palestinian activists from a Gaza-bound flotilla have been sent to jail after a deadly confrontation at sea. Dozens of other activists are to be deported.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld says the activists were taken ashore and were jailed in the southern desert town of Beersheba after refusing to identify themselves.

Israeli naval commandos stopped the six-ship flotilla early Monday, setting off a fierce clash that killed nine activists.

Israel has said it will deport the roughly 700 activists in the flotilla. But those who refuse to cooperate will be jailed. About 80 activists have been brought to shore so far.



Comment by Powell Gammill
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stupid, really stupid

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