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Israel raids humanitarian flotilla (graphic video)

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Israel raids humanitarian flotilla (a lot of wounded--at least one guy convulsing in death and the raid itself--you have been warned)  in Arabic.  al-Jazeera video  At least nine switching cameras--fairly raw footage from the raided vessel.

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Comment by Anti- Zionist
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 Click on this link for the real truth on what Israel is up to. Do not click on it if you are a friend of that Zionist hell hole but only if you wish to see the truth

Comment by People United
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All good people in the whole world have to stand up united against the Zionist mass murderers.

Comment by New World Order
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The New World Zionist Slavery Order will fail. Who ever is smart enough will leave this sinking ship immediately! Your time is running out, bloodthirsty and always cheating and betraying Zionists!!!

Comment by war on Israel
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I really do not understand why the US-American soldiers do not just leave Afghanistan and Irak and invade Israel instead of it. Then we would not call these American soldiers murderers anymore, we would call them heroes! Where are the American heroes nowadays? Are you all became cowards, serving the bloodthirsty evil Zionists?

Comment by War on terror
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Mr. Obama, how much longer do you want to wait to declare war on the Israeli terrorists?

Comment by Joe American
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So...Israel attacked an American flagged ship in international waters and America does nothing. What if Iran attacked an American flagged ship in international waters? Would our government still sit on their thumb and pretend nothing major happened?

Forcefully boarding flagged ships in international waters is an act of war, always has been always will be. What part of this does our government not understand.

As Americans we need to vote every incumbent out of office and take our country back.

If your state is working on a state sovereignty act please support it. If the sheeple are to dense to take our country back maybe our states can stand up and exercise their 4th and 10th Constitutional amendment rights. 

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Comment by Powell Gammill
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This Israeli account is not inconsistent with the video (metal clubs):

Of course this is what you get for trespassing on another's property.  They weren't happy to see you.  They weren't peace activists.  They were martyrs.  And you played their game...not that you had any choice since they were calling your bluff on the blockade.  Israel was going to lose on this no matter what.  Very clever of the occupied.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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At one point in the video you see passengers on a stairway with what look like improvised clubs at a closed bulkhead door awaiting someone on the other side to burst through.

How the initial passengers were obviously shot is unclear.  Either there was an initial raid attempt that failed, or the ship was fired upon from the air or another ship.  Many of the wounded appeared to be shot approximately just around the waist.  Either shrapnel or pistol  caliber slugs...   .30 or .50 caliber slugs from a vehicle would have caused more extensive pass through wounds.

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