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Outraged Citizens To Protest Unjust Arrest In Allentown, PA

• The International Libertarian
Reacting to the May 11, 2010 arrest of Fully Informed Jury Association activist George Donnelly, the newly formed “Friends of George Donnelly” will rally at the federal courthouse in Allentown, PA at 11:15 AM on June 4, 2010.

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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PS.Just look at that dyke looking,I think it`s a woman!  in the pic...what a joke! yet she/it is a perfect example of "Freak Show" I was talking about.When I was growing up these type androids didn`t even they are all over the place.It gives new meaning to the "Roswell/Hanger 51 questions....could it be? What other explanations are there? Look at the expression on her freak!!

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Be careful at the Court House...The police will KILL you if told to...That`s right! the very same cops that live in you neighborhood,attend your Churches,shop in your stores ,send their children to your schools...they will KILL YOU IF TOLD TO.

That`s what they do.They wait around for someone to tell them what to do,no more,no less..that`s why they exist.

Has anyone talked to a Cop lately, Scary!! isn`t it?

Cop`s don`t even approach NORMAL.

Maybe their is something added to the "Salt Peter" at the "Academy"...who knows..but!!! they do not act NORMAL in any way.

They remind me of the old movie,"The Walking Dead"..remember how those people looked,and got around,and made strange noises,and grunts.

Please be careful!! you won`t be dealing with your everyday Human.

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