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USS Liberty Survivor detained by Israel

Joe Meadors, survivor of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty was hoping to drop a wreath off the coast of Gaza to honor his ship and shipmates. He is now one hundreds detained after the attack on the flotilla in international waters.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Wow, they missed him twice now.

Comment by Found Zero
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And I categorically reject the concept of a "self-hating Jew".

This talk stops at my doorstep. This is a hateful application of self-censorship that I reject at every level.

And I'm not even a Jew.

Comment by Found Zero
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So I just chatted with Elisheva Levin.

Who's Elisheva Levin? Oh nobody in particular. She was dandled on the knee of Murrey Lothbard and feted to an upbrining of radical Jews.

It was literally for her, in a way, that I took up the conference call on AFTF when we got word within seconds of Aaron Russo's passing. Gary had already been nominated as the successor but I built the initial technologies and had the email lists so without orders I took up the spontaneous memorial. And I invited all people of all traditions to pray in their own languages and even just share and many people did.

But I was waiting for somebody from the Hebrew traidition to send Aaron on is way in his native tongue. No, not Brooklyn Jew, the other Hebrew. The older one.


And this woman called Elisheva Levin, whom none of us had every heard about, announced herself as a member of the Kadisha Society and she sang the Kadesh in both Hebrew and in English for us and said a blessing that just knocked it out of the park. Man, Jews and Y~weh go way back. They have this really personal level to communicate to The Almighty, Al Shaddhai, and Elisheva told G~d's angels, in no uncertain terms, to be ready to accept Aaron Russo into the company.

I tell you this because this event has caused much stir in the Jewish community and accusations and people taking sides are running rife. And I would say from an outsider perspective, there is a war on for what it means to be a Jew. I have seen this before. There is something about a word that can function as a nationality, a religion and a heritage all at once or singularly to the exclusion of all else.

1. There are Jews that just happen to be Jews.

2. There are Jews that have to be Jews.

3. There are Jews that really, really want to be Jews.

This seems to be part of beign a Jew: which kind do you want to be? But it seems that a Jew cannot stop being a Jew any more than I can stop being part Native American. Or as they say, the Leopard cannot wash away it's spots.

I myself prefer Hasidm because although you cannot touch or look at their devastatingly attractive women (Hi Sara!), they have the best jokes and they are hugely well read and techincally competent (Sara!).

Have you ever seen a techincal manual written by a rabinnical scholar? It's the best technology software literature that ever existed because they write it like Talmud. You get the past, the present and the future all in one. I have never seen such eloquent software manuals like these people write them. And that's just their FEMALES. It was told to me that in their tradition, woman work while the men chiefly devote themselves to understanding Torah and the Talmud and several other books.


Understanding this, I see myself and my tradition as being somewhat of a disorganized Hasidm. I like to read and think about the Word and I set my wife up in her own business to make money but sonabitch, she doesn't support me. WTF is up with that? I am subservient to the Holy One, I meditate day and night upon the sciptures and I long for the return of Messiach. I would have made a pretty good Jew. I am a pretty good Jew and I'm not even a Hebrew.

Jew People, please do not be overly cantankerous and return your hearts to Y~h. Mindful of the fact that you are His people forever and ever and nobody else. But also mindful of the fact that we are just a speck, a sliver in the eye of Al Shaddhai and we can be forgotten in the blink of The Great One's eye. And the difference between Sheol and life eternal is in dispute.

We serve the Most High because it is the Law. And the Law was written in stone. And the word of the Most High will outlast you and me and everybody we know. So says the Law.

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