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Physics Professor Michio Kaku: Oil leak could last for years (VIDEO)

"You would have to win the lottery to get on the first try an exact, an exact meeting at the bottom of the well in order to pump cement to shut it off," Kaku told NBC's Matt Lauer Wednesday. If the attempt fails, the drill will be reversed, the hole will be filled with cement and they will try again. "You have to do this over and over again until you get it just right," Kaku said. "It takes many tries. So August is optimistic." "So this could be spewing oil for months. Could it last for a year?" asked Lauer. "It could last for years, plural. Okay? If everything fails and all these different kinds of relief wells don't work, it could be spewing stuff into the Gulf until we have dead zones, entire dead zones in the Gulf. For years," Kaku said.

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