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Arizona Governor Ready for Immigration Court Fight

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is still defending her state's controversial new immigration law, and said last night that she is prepared to face any legal charges brought up against it.

"We'll meet you in court," Brewer told CNN's John King when asked what she would do if the Justice Department decided to file suit against the law. She added, "I have a pretty good record in court." 

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Comment by Patriot 2012
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4409 has it all wrong and is misguided about Arizona's right to protect itself. 4409 isn't informed quite well either. More Americans support her regardless of using tax dollars. I am proud of Gov Brewer. She is a real American Patriot. Read the Fed law 4409 and tell me and every one else why doesnt the Feds uphold the law? You cannot pic and choose what law to follow. The Liberals are Traitors! And..they have everything backwards. Rather than focusing on the problem, the Socialist always try to create friction of how the problem is being dealt with. History tells us, Socialist are the real trouble makers. I sure hope one day we can kick their butts.

Comment by Ross Wolf
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Leftists in Obama's government never anticipated that Arizona passing an illegal immigration law would become the center piece of an American movement that would unite 75% of U.S. Citizens against not just illegal immigration but against Obama who intends to give amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants without first protecting the border. If  Obama attempts to stop this anti illegal immigration movement, there will be huge anger expressed at the polls as more Citizens will vote against anything Obama and most democrats. Last weekend it was a national embarrassment to see thousands of illegal immigrants openly marching in Phoenix against Arizona’s new illegal immigration law when they have absolutely no right to be in the United States. Interestingly, when news reporters interviewed admitted illegal immigrants at the protest, no reporter asked, “Why do you believe you have the right to be in the United States Illegally? Leftists want an America with open borders. The reasoning leftists use to argue a half million illegal immigrants have the "right" to stay in Arizona, is the same as saying, the entire population of Mexico has the "right" to move to Arizona.  There is no difference.


Comment by Forty Four O Nine
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Yes, she is ready to go to battle.....WITH YOUR TAX DOLLARS.

See the attorney general (that you pay for also)  konws the law is bullshit and will not curb illegal immigration so he has refused to help support her so she hired uber expensive outside council using YOUR cash....thats right your cash.....but we are broke...lmao....maybe thats why she was crying for that sales tax.

Brewer is a tax raising liberal douche bag


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