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Obama Fiddles: A president, a gulf, a spill, and debt deflation

And yes, what are the odds Obama will still be the head of state of a country that’s lost most of its beaches to a catastrophe the start of which its government completely ignored? Who’s responsible for that sort of thing? And I don’t mean the initial stuff, I mean the reaction to it. You know, the one that took 40 days to get serious. How long can a president who’s presided over the single worst calamity, money-wise, human-misery-wise, animal-death and suffering-wise, that a nation has ever known, and ignored such calamity for an entire month or more, expect to remain in office? It may sound weirdly overdone today, but what will the nation say when all its southern and eastern beaches, from Louisiana, Alabama, to Florida, the Carolinas, and all the way up to Maine, are closed because of tar balls? And what will countries ranging from Cuba to Mexico to Western Africa to Portugal, Spain, France and England say when the tar arrives at their shores? Which president will they hold accountable? The one that waited for 40 days to take charge and was still then waiting for the results of the perpetrator’s own latest submarine robot we don’t really know what we’re doing cause it ‘s really dark down there diamond haed saw effort? Instead of declaring a full-blown national emergency back in April when people like me already said this could be a potential life- and career changer?

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