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BP And Our Govt Have Been Showing Us A Volcanic Vent, Not An Oil Spill

June 3rd, 2010 These bastards are lying out their butts to us. BP and our govt is in cahoots with each other about the true nature of this oil gusher in the gulf.We’ve been duped into believing the oil spill on the BP cam was the oil spill, when in fact, it’s a volcanic vent that is located in the vicinity. I’ll link a few videos and some articles and let you all decide if we’re right. If we’re right, I’m afraid these murderers are filling up the Gulf with oil, killing everything it’s coming into contact with. They are also spraying massive amounts of a toxic chemical (Corexit) that will get in our water supply as hurricane season is here.I hope we are not right about this because this will dwarf what happened to us on 9/11. view the live thread here for more info/vids/links copy/paste

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Comment by Chip Saunders
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 Intrigued by this, I tried to go to the live streaming video to see for myself. For whatever reason, the exhaust plume itself is no longer available for viewing. There are all kinds of cameras rolling that are mounted on submersibles and looking at pipes and such,...but the expending plume is no longer available to be seen.


I do recall seeing on the news yesterday or the day before that there was footage of an eel that swam through the plume and exited the other side. It did not appear covered in anything whatsoever when it emerged. But if it had been a volcanic smoker, wouldn't the eel have been cooked?