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Cops whine: "Cameras are the new Guns!"

• Gizmodo
Cops are cracking down on the slaves who dare videotape them, as explained in this Gizmodo article. It's now ILLEGAL in some states to videotape cops, and one man in Chicago is facing felony charges and anywhere from 4 - 15 years in prison if convicted. (Knock knock... who's there? Fascism.)

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Comment by K 0025
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 Now, if this IS the case...and the public does NOT consent to being videotaped by ATM machines, Banks, street cameras, speed cameras, or even the media for that matter as those crowds gather in front of a home and tape a suspected criminal. etc....then why are NOT the same states being sued by the public for illegal wiretapping? I certainly never consented to be taped in any of those situations, so should we all get a massive class action suit to either allow ALL taping or disaallow ALL taping if not consented by all parties? Also, why do we NOT have to consent to being taped by police cruisers either in a routine stop? The law has to swing both ways if it is to be applied properly at all.

Comment by David Alpha
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 Go get 'em 4409... I had you in mind when I posted the article.

David Alpha

Comment by Forty Four O Nine
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"If your not doing anything wrong, what are you afraid of"....LMAO

ohhhhh wait, that's only when they have their thousands of cameras pointing at us slaves.

Well, since I'm one of those uppity slaves, I will NEVER stop taping. If they would just do their job and don't do stupid shit and they won't end up on youtube, its not complicated.


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