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Long Horned Dinosaur

• arclein
A tubby dinosaur sporting horns each the length of a baseball bat roamed what is now Mexico some 72 million years ago. Remains of the plant-eating dinosaur, now called Coahuilaceratops magnacuerna, were unearthed from the Cerro del Pueblo Formation in Coahuila, Mexico. Fo

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Comment by Die Daily
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I don't want to bash your faith. There's nothing wrong with faith. But someday, I hope you will learn not to bash reason based merely on faith. Jim Jones' cool-aid drinkers drank too deeply of the cup of faith before they were eligible to be dupes, and then victims. Maybe in the end, God didn't want Jim Jones to have sex with all the wives and daughters. But, it was possible for him to do this because, and purely and only because, of the supernatural beliefs of his followers. In their supernatural world, God commanded them to offer up their kids for sex, and it was good and holy for them to do so. In Hovind's world, his recent ancestors rode around on dinosaurs.

Now, looking in from the outside, to me, a person of much faith but also much systematic skepticism and self-doubt, I can't tell the difference between Hovind's fantasies about Granny's pet dinosaurs and the fantasy that Jim Jones is ordained by God to have holy sex with your wife and daughter. Maybe there is a difference. But if there is, what might it be? Is there good faith and bad faith? Maybe there is. It seems like it, doesn't it. How about Jihad faith?

For me issues of faith don't need scientific evidence to prove their validity, obviously, since if I could do that the issue would no longer have anything to do with faith at all. So, if science can't go there, maybe I still can go there, because of this wonderful thing called faith. And I do know that some truths are couched in apparent paradoxes that logic can't quite encapsulate, other truths, or realities, are simply beyond reasoning altogether. Yet they are still palpably true and real, to me. But it's an entirely different thing when the evidence is diametrically opposed to the item of faith under consideration. In that case, to ignore the evidence makes no sense to me because it presumes that God would need you to act unreasonably in order to be saved, and that those of us who are reasonable first, and use faith for where reason won't reach, are beyond salvation. Am I beyond salvation? Is that the rule? Do I have to renounce my hard-won understanding of Science and Nature to make the pearly gates? Really?

Comment by Boe Jacquard
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 The Bible is the book, and Hovind made it clear to me. I just wish I was never tought evil - lution

Comment by C. Neal Carr
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Millions of Years Ago… It takes far greater faith to believe that than the Bible by far. I don’t care what one believes, but when my tax dollar is used to support ‘State Religion’, which is what evolution is… now we have a problem. Don’t tell me ‘Evolution is science and Creation is religion’… No Brother, they are both religious.

Comment by Joe Blow
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Once upon a time, millions of years ago... give me a break. More like a few thousand years ago at best. How did they come to 72 million years ago? Well we date the fossil by the rock layer they are found in. And how did you date the rock layer? Well by the fossils in those layers of course. Huh? Date the rock layer by the fossil and the fossil by the rock layer? Anyone see a problem here? Circular logic anyone? And those radioactive dating methods have serious flaws as well.  

Otherwise very informative.

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