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Bilderberg See People With Income As “A Threat” To Their Agenda

By carrying out their promise of a “post-industrial revolution,” allied with a “green economy” that in reality will cripple once thriving economies, they hope to make the population all but destitute to the point where their main concern will not be protesting 200 elitists meeting at luxury holiday resorts, but simply where the next meal is coming from As Skelton points out, the only “threat” to Bilderbergers is if the people find out what they are actually doing behind closed doors. “What threat? That people concerned about the unfairness of the world should drape a banner over a police cordon? That they should shout their anger at the madness of asset-grabbing transnational corporations, whose chairmen are sipping beers with our elected officials? “It’s like a permanent threat.” Don’t make me spit,” he writes.

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