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David Boaz: Russel Crowe's ROBIN HOOD angers progressives, gives them fits


 Uptown at the New York Times, A. O. Scott is sadly disappointed that “this Robin is no socialist bandit practicing freelance wealth redistribution, but rather a manly libertarian rebel striking out against high taxes and a big government scheme to trample the ancient liberties of property owners and provincial nobles. Don’t tread on him!”

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Comment by David Gagin
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It's always interesting the story behind the story, or how legends get started.  I think that Robin Hood is an amalgam of real historical characters who were "mad as hell & not going to take it anymore" seeing the corruption of the crown.  In the story (and not erol flynn version) Robin Hood more like subscibed to the maxim:  "Take from the rich, and keep it."  Then one day, there was a happy accident whereby the poor got hold of some crumbs falling from the table, and like good serfs were ever indebted and the oft retelling of the event became the legend.

Isn't it much like that today in this country (USA)?  We accept the crumbs that fall our way, which the overlords make a big show of to call attention to their magnanimity...and we are forever indebted?  How angry will we be when we find out how rich we really were before we gave up and allowed them to plunder us?

Comment by Die Daily
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Oyate, you're a smart guy. Read more Noam. You don't get him yet. He's a centrist. He's done all kinds of great work on libertarianism and anarchism. He's one of the only voices that has Left credibility that's virulently anti-Obama, anti-Corporate Cabal. He is bold against Israeli war crimes and speaks out against them constantly. He exposed the neoliberal farce. He calls our democracy "a joke". He is stridently anti-Communist, anti-Maoist, anti-Soviet. Of course his primary focus is on the evils of Corporate Fascism and the stranglehold the Financiers have on us. The guys is not perfect. He won't go near 9-11 as an inside job, but he has stated that the people have a right to a better investigation, and he's attacked the use of 9-11 against citizens rights time and time again. As a libertarian, I can't help but REALLY like this guy and 95% of what he says. I really don't see how he has abused Joe Stark's memory. He hasn't exhumed the poor dead sod. He was the one who finally gave his ideas a proper hearing and his commitment to freedom a pretty decent memorial.

Comment by Justen Robertson
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ROFL! Leave it to mainstream liberals to find common cause with the Sheriff of Nottingham instead of Robin Hood - at least while in the present *their* political favorites are doing the tax collecting! This is hilarious! Thanks for the link :)

Comment by Found Zero
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Oh hey this is nothing. Noam Chomsky is recently published (or sighted) digging up the body of Joe Stack and transporting it to a liberal shrine of socialist values.

See for yourself:

Dudes, revisionist history is one thing but grave-robbing is pretty unprecendented in contemporary politics. Honestly, I woulnd't have minded much to have Robin Hood (and all men who wear tights) be appropriated by the left, I'd be happy to help them! I confess to a certain urge to prace about in tights before the camera one day, therefore to certify my financial future in this day of Digital New Media. But again, I see trouble in this appropriation of the newly dead or not quite dead (Russel Crow) for political purposes.

For one example, consider Russel Crow, armed with long-bow against frail old Noam. That's just gonna be ugly. Nobody's sense of fairness is served by this.

Comment by Concerned Patriot
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Well i gues Robin Hood is ok then i always thought he was like a communist since he took the money from rich people and gave it to the poor and was white, yeah white people call it communism if he was any other race it would be something else.......................

Comment by Powell Gammill
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They're not to fond of "Prince of Persia" either.

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