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What the media won't report about Gaza

• National Post
Editor's Note: In addition to the above linked article, a video for your viewing pleasure to demonstrate who Gaza should be free of. Hint: it's not Israel.

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Comment by Freed Radical
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Mike the Zionist Troll is up to his usual tricks posting Israeli propaganda. I suppose the official conspiracy theory of 9/11 is true and these evil "terrrrrrists" deserve whatever they get, right? Interesting how anyone who opposes the invasion of the Anglo-American-Zionist Empire is automatically a "terrrrrrrrrist."

  Israel Uber Alles!

Peace, Out!


Comment by Mike Renzulli
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Well Tom all I can say is that if you watched the video or read the article (which I am gathering from your response that you did not) that Israel gives humanitarian aid to the Gazans. They do it all the time. But don't let that stop you and 4409.

Comment by Tom Westbrook
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I was amazing too just at how resilient these people are. They seem to be very self-reliant. I'm sure it drives Israel crazy, being that their goal is to starve them out and force them to leave (being that this land was given to "the chosen ones" thousands of years ago). But they have an amazing way of bouncing back, even after Israel bulldozed 50% of their farms a while back. Pretty good farmers for a bunch of "terrorists".

Comment by Forty Four O Nine
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Mike...come on man you kill me,

You act as if its some wonderful and exotic place because they are allowed a market....hahahaha

See these deceivers know that most of the Gaza prison it run down, drab and grey,  buildings falling down from being bombed by Apache Helicoptors so they go to the most colorful place they could find and say how wonderful it is...If it is so wonderful take a trip there...funny thing is that you will probably be treated better there than anywhere here in the United States....That is not a joke by the way.

I will admit its not as bad that everyone lives in tents but it is not some fantasy land middles class suburb if Kansas you would like us to believe :)

Comment by Mike Renzulli
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That also includes the photo. Unlike you I check and recheck my sources prior to posting articles.

Comment by Mike Renzulli
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4409 have your eyes checked and while your at it, grow up. The video and article linked point out the conditions in GAZA not the West Bank.

Comment by Die Daily
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Thanks, Mike Renzulli, nobody can make Israel look worse than you. I hope you are not only tolerated here in the future, but encouraged to continue to post blatant prevarications half a dozen times a day.

Comment by Forty Four O Nine
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LMAO, Mike (zionist) Renzulli shows you ONE, I repeat ONE market place in the west bank NOT Gaza. Who knows that may have been actually shot in Jordan.

In as much Mike claims that market is so prosperous? Yes mike, the market owners are all driving $50,000 BMW's in the 5 mile wide prison because its sooooo prosperous.

Meanwhile just over the wall the Israelis are driving actual BMW's paid for by guess who? YOU the taxpayer at $17,000,000 a day to Israel.

What Mike doesn't disclose is that everything they sale at those markets are controlled by Israel and they are forced to give a cut of their earnings to guess who?

Does this sound like somewhere a man could follow his own destiny? You live in a 5 mile wide prison and everything you touch is controlled one way or another by some political zionist over the wall in Israel?

Furthermore, your video can be completely debunked. Just 0:44 seconds in the video there is a complete and utter distortion with that kids corner clip....well that kids corner is at the AFMDA which is NOT in Gaza or the West Bank...but is actually in Israel. (BUSTED)

The AFMDA is a Jewish charity organization which milks people for cash and is the name of saving the lives of  Israelis NOT Gazans. I don't think they would collect much cash if they claimed to save the lives of Palestinians. I could go through and debunk the whole video but I would be typing for hours.

I challenge you to explain why the AFMDA is in this video.


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