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San Fransisco Jews Menace Women in Black

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On June 6th, 2010, peace activists including members of Bay Area Women in Black and Jewish Voice for Peace held a silent vigil. Their silent, dignified march was greeted by members of StandWithUs/SF Voice for Israel and other affiliates who called them “kapos” and suggested that Israel should “sink the next flotilla with you on it.”

Women in Black is a group that was started in Israel to protest the occupation of Palestinian land and to oppose to the violence brought about by the occupation.

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Comment by chosen spirit
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The chosen people are all the souls that are into the spirit of love and enlightenment.

Comment by Chosen People
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The Jews are not the chosen people from God. They are the chosen people from the evil force and total darkness. The chosen people from God are the Germans, Persians, Indians and Native Americans that are close to their old culture. The Zionists are nothing more the dirt.

Comment by German justice
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I am 100% pure-blooded German, and I agree that we all should run up the Persian flag now to show that we are loyal on the side of the Persians. They are getting persecuted by the evil Zionist bloodthirsty monsters. All the good people all around the world should show that they are staying on the side of the Persian heroes in these hard times. The Zionists want to kill all of us, the so-called goyim. They are going to bring down the US too very soon. We can defend our life, liberty and property only if we stand up united together and support each other. And now we all must run up the Persian flag everywhere! Also visit the website:!

Comment by Persian Culture
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Iran is the light of the world. Freedom and peace for the Persians! Stop the evil Zionists!

Comment by Invade Isreal
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Israel is the worlds most dangerous terrorist. Invade Israel now!

Comment by Concerned Patriot
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 I bet German voice is stockpiling pictures of the "lovely persian children" on his hardrive, If you are sir then why dont you go click on the link in the Rabbi Weiss article by 4409 it will help you stop the "Evil Zionist Jews" from hurting the kids you think are so lovely.

Comment by Concerned Patriot
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 Whats up with this german voice c***ksucker?

Im not gonna fly a foreign flag at my house especially when I have no ties to that country and even more so when its freakin' Irans flag. I say geman voice is a troll a jewish trolla t that working for the ADL!

Comment by German voice
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Israel, the state of darkness and evil wants to destroy Iran and wants to kill the lovely Persian children. And Alex Jones told us, that the evil circle of the Bilderberger agree with it. You have to stop these mass murderers now! Each good American has to run up a Persian flag now. Show that you are not a Zionist-Terrorist and run up the Persian flag immediately in your home, on your car, on your clouds. I want to see all the good Americans with a Persian flag now! Show that you have compassion for the pure-hearted that are getting persecuted, show that you are a good person, show that you support the persecutees and run up the Persian flag now! Make a video of it and show it on youtube. I want to see on youtube how many good Americans are still out there. Run up the Person flag now!

Comment by Die Daily
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This is very upsetting. Every time I see these sorts of things, like at the show trial of Ernst Zundel here in Canada where JADL attack-humans threw objects and spewed anti-free-speech abuse that was just shocking, I have to control my temper. I have to remind myself that these people might be lost, but I'm not, and their hatred doesn't matter. Above all I have to remind myself that they NEED me to respond in kind, to spew threats, venom, and hatred back at them. No way. I will not.

"You are all being identified" they said in the video, then "We will find out where you live", then "We will disrupt your social life". IN FRONT OF COPS?! It used to be that those threats carried real force. It used to be that they could make a few calls and get you branded an "anti-Semite" (by which they are trying to say anti-Jew, they seem not to be aware that extremely few Jews are Semites and extremely many Palestinians are). But nowadays, finally, these threats are pretty much idle except where they carry a physical beating or murder (their only remaining tools). That's because everybody's talking. It's no longer a taboo to speak truth to the Zionist Supremacists. It is certainly no longer illogically confused with racism. It's even getting trendy. WE ARE NOT AFRAID!

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