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Today on - Thursday June 10th 2010

Thursday, June 10, 2010
How I Lost 100 Pounds
The man known as "Formerly Spherical" on the caveman’s way.
Very Worried About 2011
Jim Rogers sees currency turmoil, a global economic slowdown, worse.
10 Benefits of Expatriation
What are we waiting for?
The Speculator Is a Hero
Walter Block on a valuable person hated by politicians.
A Shrine to Corporate Socialism
Will Grigg on the "Tax Mahal."
Laughably Underpriced
The Mogambo Guru on silver.
Free Bradley Manning!
Justin Raimondo on a hero of truth and peace.
Can Black Americans Afford Obama?
We needed Jackie Robinson, and we got an incompetent, says Walter Williams.
The Markets Are About To Turn Nasty
Buy land, barbed wire, and guns, says a Wall Street financial advisor.
Saved by His Gun
John Lee shoots back at three armed robbers and saves his life. Article by Gary Nelson.
Abolish the Military – All of It
Simon Jenkins on getting rid of the British deficit, and a criminal enterprise too.
The Bilderberg Gang
The 20 elitists who just decided your fate.

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