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This was further confirmed by Phil Vallentine during his 6/10/10 broadcast in Nashville. He digs very deep before making a statement, so I'm confident that this is accurate. So, you've gotta think, why would one of the world's largest oil companies be a proponent of Cap and Trade - much less the friggin architect???!!! Well, it appears that BP is also one of the world's largest owners of wind farms, solar panel production companies, and other alternative energy sources. Much moreso than their competitors that will be severely impacted by this legislation (if passed). In fact, BP likely stands to profit from this as a result of their pre-conceived "carbon-credits" and the immense impact this will have on the cost of energy, as well as gain market share as their smaller brethren are forced out of business. The idiots probably thought this oil disaster would be their impetus to passing this legislation, but it appears to be backfiring on them so far...thank god for that - The PRI

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Comment by G Cone
Entered on:

I'm surprised they didn't call it the 'Save Starving Puppies for Jesus Act' 

Comment by Die Daily
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So, applying the standard translation, we get: The Un-American Dis-empowerment Act. Great.

Comment by Phennommennonn GLP
Entered on:

Cap & Trade is now known as the "American Powers Act "

Comment by Die Daily
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Cap and trade? I don't think they should be allowed to advance to the trade part, as they have not even mastered capping yet.

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