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Social Security Payouts Are Crippling The Government This Year

-I am stunned by the continued drop in FICA/SECA tax receipts. There are many metrics on the overall economy that have shown YoY improvement. The SS revenue numbers are telling us something different. They measure the incomes of 160 million workers. This is the broadest definition of employment we have. My read on the numbers is that we have very fundamental weakness in employment. The problem is bigger than the headline numbers from the BLS suggest.

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Comment by Sam Weathersby
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Your kidding, right? How about all the money we give as aid? How about over spending & bloated fed burroacracies? How about the lost & now VERY expensive 'war on drugs'? That's no small piece of the pie. New jets for Congress...very long list of WASTED MONEY that is around the neck of GOTH 'parties'.

 I bet pork barreling has no impact...Why is it that stuff that actually helps folks is always the 1st on the chopping block? If the Dems had not started the raids on SS money that R's now do as well, the funds would be there. 


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