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America's Judge: Thomas Woods on Andrew Napolitano

• Lew Rockwell

Probably the most significant outcome of the Ron Paul presidential campaign was its liberating effect on what was allowable for Americans to say and think. More and more pundits who had once been reliable mouthpieces of Washington’s war propaganda are turning against the Iraq and Afghanistan interventions. The Federal Reserve System, which had been off the political radar since its creation in 1913, is under more public scrutiny than ever before. The Austrian theory of the business cycle, which links the business cycle to artificial credit expansion, is gaining ground every day. Plastic men who give canned speeches about nothing are on their way out. Telling the truth is in.

The intensity of the support that Dr. Paul attracted was a sign – as if we needed one – that a significant minority of the population had no place within the stilted political categories to which media outlets and political operatives have tried to assign every American. What it also revealed, although again already obvious to readers of this site, was that an awful lot of Americans had no home on the cable news networks either, since the typical programming assumed all good Americans fell somewhere along that wondrous spectrum of opinion from Hillary Clinton to Mitch McConnell.
This weekend we have a chance to observe what I hope will be one of the lasting fruits of all this: Judge Andrew Napolitano, senior judicial analyst at the FOX News Channel, will premiere the television version of his program, Freedom Watch. Up to now the Judge’s program has appeared on the Internet only, with occasional rebroadcasts on FOX News Radio. Starting this weekend, Freedom Watch will air four times per weekend on the FOX Business Network: 10:00am and 8:00pm EST on Saturdays, and 8:00pm and 11:00pm on Sundays.


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Maybe the "Judge" will find out if the "Muslims",who think Insurance is "Gambling" and therefore not be subject to fines,and imprisonment as everyone else will be,will have "Auto Insurance",or,not.

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