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World Depopulation Plan On Fox News!!!

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Comment by Dracula Tepish
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really the planet is over populated gee what hot gases they spew why dont you go jump in the nearest volcano and make your god deity happy

as for the overpopulation of this planet wrong why you can put every human in texas on this planet and there still would be a lot of room which i am saying there are 1000s of miles to fit populations and these yoyos have been sniffing each other crap to long is what

Comment by Die Daily
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Wow. This lady on Fox just annihilates this Malthusian meat-head. I've rarely seen a Fox reporter say or do anything very useful, but this was one time. She just CREAMS this dude. He tries many of the standard fallacies used to argue that we will overpopulate to our demise, the same ones that have been used time and time again for a couple of centuries now, and she knocks them down rather intelligently. Like a pro!

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