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Tea Party Summit: Ron Paul Meets Sarah Palin (VIDEO of INTERVIEW)

June 2010

Will the warring factions of the Tea Party movement set aside their differences and unite for the fall elections? Ron Paul and Sarah Palin come together with host Judge Andrew Napolitano to discuss common ground and major differences.

What does the future hold for the Tea Party? Rand Paul, Jim DeMint, Michele Bachmann, Dick Armey, Ed Rendell, and a surprise guest will discuss their thoughts on the potential creation of a libertarian-conservative coalition.

Will social conservatives put aside their differences with libertarians and unite under the Gadsden Flag of fiscal responsibility? Or are libertarians more suited to work with liberals because of their passion for civil liberties and distaste for war? What will be the outcome?

April 2010
John Tate on Freedom Watch: The Tea Party Ron Paul - Sarah Palin split.

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