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Obama Poses For Picture With Abbas But Not Bebe

When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was in Washington D.C. a few months ago, the President barely gave the man a moment of his time. He actually left Netanyahu to speak with someone else while he went to get something to eat. Obama did not conduct the standard joint press conference with Bebe either. And there was certainly no pictures taken. This was the way our President treated one of our greatest allies. How did he treat the leader of a false ethnicity, Palestinians, that is lead by terrorists? Mahmoud Abbas was greeted warmly and had an individual audience with the President and they exchanged the warm handshake pictured to the left. The President also promised aid money that we do not have....

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Comment by Die Daily
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Yes, its poverty of elegance is more than made up for by the richness of its obscurity. Sort of like the Borg. Assimilate, assimilate...

Comment by Found Zero
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Canards. Yes indeed.

That's one reason I just love the English language. One can be so subtle and precise. Such a well-nuanced language.

Comment by Die Daily
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One of the biggest MSM-generated canards, that Obama is somehow cold to Israel. What a joke.

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