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It's Too Late Frosty: White Newborns To Be A Minority In USA By 2011

Whites are on the verge of becoming a minority of newborn babies in the United States. Official census figures show that non-white births, including Hispanics, constituted 48 per cent of children born in America between July 2008 and 2009, up from 46 per cent two years before. Experts said the U.S. could become a 'minority majority' as early as next year, with minority births being greater than whites of European ancestry.

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Comment by Anonymous
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You mean white newborn babies that come to this world with clenched fists and bare knuckles the day they were born are a vanishing breed in this country?  I would rather they are, and it does not suprise me.  Europeans are not first to come here. If you are white that kill the weak like what white supremacists do, you are depopulating your white skin race, and the colored minority takes over every inch of the land. That's why I understand Frosty's "Frostration".

Comment by Found Zero
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I'm rather put out by the headline. I got used to being the only poster that openly needled Frosty. However, it's open trolling-season around here so I'll share a couple pointers that I thought got me some mileage: in the case of a writer whom is occasionally logically unassailable, don't belittle the message, belittle the man. My method is to do the frat-boy nomenclature thing. Thence we have Frosterizer, Frosteroonie and Frostovitch.

This childish behavior, along with unrelenting blather, got Frostifiation to, and I quote, "bow to (my) superior intellect". A badge and honour I will bear to my grave.

So be it that for me, the words "My" and "Honour" has "Dubious" for a middle name.

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