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Is This God’s Israel?

• Barry Chamish
 In 1932, there were three branches of Zionism; Labor, Herut and the Orthodox. In the same year, over 250 organizations represented the Jews of Germany. That same year, Labor presented a deal to the Nazis that by 1934, would see the Herut and Orthodox removed from the Zionist shadow government of Israel, and reduce the number of organizations representing German Jews to one: Labor Zionism. The deal became The Transfer Agreement. The Labor Zionists promised the Nazis to end worldwide sanctions and boycotts against their regime, in return for making life impossible for German Jews, forcing them to emigrate to Palestine. Herut got wind of the atrociously immoral agreement and fought it tooth and nail. To nip revolt in the bud, the Labor negotiator of the agreement, Chaim Arlozorov was murdered in Tel Aviv, and Herut was blamed for long enough to provide an excuse to remove them from power. The leader of Labor Zionism, Chaim Weizmann, addressed the Herut and religious-less 1936 World Zionist Congress with the following dreadful pronouncement: “Perhaps only 2 million Jews will survive the upcoming Holocaust, (yes, he used that word) but they will be strong and good for the Land of Israel. The rest will be blown into the dustpile of history.”

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Comment by Barbara Peterson
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You wrote: "I'd like to see ALL of us get together and throw off the yokes of hatred and fear sewn among and between us by our Statist overlords. "My thoughts exactly, Die Daily.

Comment by Die Daily
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Through Chamish I first heard about the Shabtai Tzvi (which he recommends we pronounce "Sabbatine" for our convenience) who hijacked the Jewish faith in the 17th century, and it's never been the same since. When I first ran into Chamish's work, I suspected he was a nut-case. Especially as he cares not one iota what happens to the Palestinians. In his opinion, the Palestinian issue is complete non-issue (i.e. he feels they are getting what they deserve, period, last time I checked). So I don't really love the guy! But, over time, it became increasingly clear that his historical facts are actually accurate and well sourced, as bazaar as his claims at first seem. Zionists were Nazi collaborators? No way, you will think, but yes way, yes indeed. is a paper from one of hundreds of sites examining this thesis. One must be careful. One must wade through and exclude the thousands of hate sites that have picked up on this information and are perversely trying to pedal it into a hatred of Jews, many of which groups are Zionist-funded fronts, along the lines of all the Swastika graffiti on Synagogues that time and time again Zionist activists have been caught perpetrating, lest the Jews have any thoughts of assimilation.

When I was in grade 7 Robert Clary, who played Cpl. LeBeau on the series Hogan Heroes, spoke at our school and knocked out socks off. We were regaled and totally horrified in roughly equal measure. We were taught that to question the official narrative of the holocaust was worse than murder. And I believed it all. Imagine how upsetting it was to find out I'd been had


I would never have even had the slightest interest in this topic. I just really don't like being lied to. And taking advantage of the susceptibility of kids is just plain evil. When I woke up to the reality of the WWII white-wash (black-wash) I nearly threw up. I was so upset! I'm over that. I love the Jewish people again now, because people are people are people. Duped Jews under Zionist control are no more evil than U.S. Christians were when they were fooled by Bush's lies and under his control (except our crimes are WAY worse than Israel's…should we be obliterated?). I'd like to see ALL of us get together and throw off the yokes of hatred and fear sewn among and between us by our Statist overlords.

Besides, as Chamish points out, there's more than one kind of Apartheid in Israel. If you're not a secular Ashkanazi Jew (he says Labour Zionist) you're screwed. Zionists despise religious, Sephardic, Hasidic, and in fact all orthodox and religious Jewish sects. And any belief in God in general. Their Christian Zionist supporters abroad are thought of in private as the dupes and suckers that they are.

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