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Arizona Photo speed-enforcement may not be gone for good

Even as the Arizona Department of Public Safety was preparing to shut down the statewide photo speed-enforcement system, a top commander was lobbying legislators to approve a photo-enforcement bill giving DPS full control of the program, raising questions about the department's intentions. Two days before DPS Lt. Col. Jack Hegarty sent a letter to Redflex Traffic Systems telling the company that the state was allowing Redflex's photo-enforcement contract to expire, Hegarty sent an e-mail to 60 legislators seeking support for a bill giving control of photo enforcement to DPS.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Who is the state out to protect by having speed limits? 

The driver? 

The children? 


Insurance companies? 

Their income? 

All of the above?

Of course they are out to protect all of the above. If they don't protect you, you will die in a car accident from driving too fast, and they will lose the revenue they would have gotten from your fines for driving over the speed limit. 



Comment by Powell Gammill
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Watch.  They will never let the ballot measure to ban photoradar get on the ballot. No way in hell!!!!  No matter how many voters sign the petition.  Too much money to be made.  Too much control to be relinquished.  To much surveillance power blocked.  No way in hell!!!!

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