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Pakistani spy agency supports Taliban

• AP

Pakistan's main spy agency continues to arm and train the Taliban and is even represented on the group's leadership council despite U.S. pressure to sever ties and billions in aid to combat the militants, said a research report released Sunday.

The findings could heighten tension between the two countries and raise further questions about U.S. success in Afghanistan since Pakistani cooperation is seen as key to defeating the Taliban, which seized power in Kabul in the 1990s with Islamabad's support.


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Comment by Ross Wolf
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Are Americans the world’s greatest suckers or are we just stupid? For years Congress appropriated billions of our tax dollars for Pakistan to help fight the Taliban which Pakistan passed on to Taliban Insurgents including providing training to kill American troops. Unless stopped this scam could continue indefinitely bleeding both U.S. Taxpayers and American soldiers. This article skipped mentioning a minor detail. Now that it has been established Pakistan supports our enemy the Taliban; that also makes Pakistan our enemy, so how concerned should Americans be about Pakistan’s warehouse of nuclear weapons? Should measures be taken to abort Pakistan’s  arsenal of  nuclear weapons or the Government itself?

Comment by Die Daily
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"Pakistan's apparent involvement in a double-game of this scale could have major geopolitical implications and could even provoke U.S. countermeasures," said the report.

Yeah, if they're not careful we might, like, drone attack them. Hey, wait...

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