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The Post War II "New World Order" Map: Published in 1942

Its title refers to a ‘New World Order’, a vague concept, its many definitions often contradicting each other. At the core of the NWO, however, is always the notion that a small group of powerful individuals, institutions, industries and/or nations must lead the world in the right direction (i.e. towards ‘unification’). This may be against the world’s own will (and therefore done covertly, at least in some versions of the NWO-story), but ultimately it is for its own good.

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Comment by Karl Marx
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Even in 1942 assuming an allied victory dividing Europe could only go in a very few direction. First you assume Russians will come from the East and Allies from the West or South. Culture alone makes it reasonable to assume Italy, and Austria would be part of the West. Denmark and Scandinavia are also too Western to be part of the Soviet bloc. Finland, well they got it wrong, she held her own. The Ugoslavs were well Slavic, and ther was going to be a Soviet Bloc. No way to avoid it, unless you were going to invade the USSR. So it makes sense it's almost unavoidable. Ausria is neutral, Germany split (there's no way the Russians would be denied a piece of Germany.), and Poland gets screwed again. The rest of that map is amazing to the degree that it was wong. As for the New World Order. Well what do you expect? English Colonial rule should have fallen when England and France expended themselves in WWI. The US put humpty dumpty back to gether again so we could hide on our continent in isolation. Really , think most of you people reading this rag would be happier with a world like that. It really was that, a New World Order. Don't forget the world in 1935 looked a lot like the world today with the major super power losing wealth and stature with multiple insergent and upstart nations pusing their ethnic chevanism by force. Just like today is starting to look like. A assure you when the Chinese declare Empire in Africa with client States in South America and we retreat back to our shores you'll be happier and unknowing that this has all happened before . Really, new world orders are quite old.

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