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Progressives paving a road to Socialism

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This week a group of left wing radicals assembled at a conference in Washington, D.C. under the banner of the Campaign for America’s Future. This group was a Who’s, Who’s of the progressive movement in America. The speaker list included; Nancy Pelosi, Van Jones, Jesse Jackson, Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, Howard Dean, Robert Creamer, Deepak Bhargava, Andy Stern, Arlene Holt Baker, Markos Moulitsas, Yosi Sergant, Arianna Huffington, Alan Grayson and Janet Murguía to name a few. Every aspect of the socialist spectrum was represented at this conference. There were over 100 speakers that covered every major type of left wing organization: unions, social justice groups, environmental activists, community organizers, pro left media and even La Raza, the ultra radical Hispanic civil rights and immigration/advocacy organization.

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      We know that Obama, today’s acknowledged progressive leader, is a Kenyan-American fake like his socialist father. This speaks eloquently through his reported fraudulent natural-born birth certificate. But we know more than that.  His mass supporters, mostly millions that do nothing but watch the sun rises and sets everyday, eat voraciously and live a happy life in their welfare paradise state while we sweat our butts out to support them are, in our politically correct society, progressive deadlogs. Those whose radical voices are ideologically extreme in this support base committed this first black president to navigate along the path of liberal socialism that had never progressed since Karl Marx’s Das Kapital hit the streets in 1867. The trap they cannot escape from – including Obama – is opportunism. Rabid exponents of anything politically correct, they would never let pass away any self-serving opportunity that comes their way. They will drop the nuke rather than miss the adulation of the masses, just like how Karl Marx created Kremlin’s Poliburo by hating Capitalism and guillotined those opposed to it.


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