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Puerto Rico: America's Prototype Police State

With Puerto Rico on the fast track to becoming a U.S. state, the U.S. National Guard has wasted no time in training its people that if and when they join the union, Posse Comitatus will not be offered as part of the package deal. An AP article from June 13th, 2010 reveals that the National Guard is being used to help police the island territory and fight drug gangs there. According to the article, U.S. soldiers have been dispatched to the capital city of San Juan as well as to other cities and mountainous areas to assist police actions. They are also taking part in police checkpoints, which were commented on in the article by one soldier who had also participated in similar checkpoints in Iraq: “In Iraq, your enemy is going to try to kill you, but when you catch them they’re cooperative. Here in Puerto Rico, if you have to detain somebody for any reason, they are not very cooperative. They insult you and everything else.”