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America Follows Rome's Epoch Decline

No one has even heard of these people before, because they've accomplished nothing with their lives, except for politicking. I mean I don't believe in conspiracy theories, but these people are characters at once so trivial and misdirected it makes you want to believe it's a cosmic joke of some kind. Furthermore the ethical fiber of the country has eroded. You've got 40 million Americans getting food stamps; that number is going much higher. People feel no shame in living on extended unemployment benefits. No shame in living in a house for a year or more after defaulting on the mortgage. No shame in gaming the system – which is encouraged by a plethora of laws. America was once a great idea – in fact America IS an idea, much more than a place. But now it's just another corrupt nation state. So, I don't see any way out, I just think it's going to get worse for the United States... Daily Bell: Absent wars, will the American economy now recover? Economists say that the US economy is starting to look "healthy" again. Doug Casey: That's a delusion. Maybe it's more than a delusion; maybe it's an outright lie, although I suppose it's possible they just don't know any better. I suppose it's possible the people running the show in Washington are just fools, not knaves – but the odds are they are both.

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