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Philly Fed Index Crushed: Comes In At 8, Expected 20

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Philly Fed drops from 21.4 to 8, worst since August of 2009. Expected at 20.Why is the market down on this? This means that the Fed will soon have its Congress OpCo legalize a) negative interest rates and b) make holding any cash in deposit or money market funds treason.

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Comment by Die Daily
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I love these articles from zerohedge. Even more, I love to read the comments. What a cool bunch of highly sarcastic, mostly contrarian know-it-alls. Except they may actually know it all! Found some interesting things in comments:

Excuse me....the REAL NEWS of the day is the rumor that AAPL is doing a 4-1 stock split causing AAPL to hit a lifetime high (lizzy36)

Denninger noticed that someone traded this news 15 minutes in front of its publishing.
Again. (Renfield)