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Might-as-well-miss TV: Chris Matthews "Rise Of The New Right" online.


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Comment by Found Zero
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I think I still have the files with the patterns to make many fashionable models of tinfoil hats. I had a side-business going in the 80's before it caught on.

I had the "Stealth" model (could be concealed under a Yamika or tamishanter), I had the "Capri" model for the ladies (design ripped off from Estee Lauder) and the "Sport" model for the kids which doubled as a bicycle helmet. Had the patents, the copyright, the works and then this idiot angel investor convinced us we needed to outsource production to Malaysia and they just needed a few $100k to get production set up and then we ran into customs snaafus and the whole deal went South as they say.

Still, as a cottage-industry business model, it could still work.

Comment by Nick Barnett
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I'm no fan of the CONstitution, but I think its hilarious how Screwball makes "adhering to the CONstitution" to sound radical violent. :)

Comment by Ken Demyen
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You would be surprised at how much damage an old lady with a cardboard sign can do!

Comment by Die Daily
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Wow, are we ever scary. Is it the hats?

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