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Low-life cop blocks newlywed couple from ER during bride's stroke

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Comment by Christopher Broughton
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Sure PT, I guess that is theoretically possible, but can you give me an example of how these attorneys are leading pigs to behave in such fashion?  Is it bribes, favors, or what?

Now can I ask you if an alternate explanation is possible?

Children in America are raised (by their respective governments, in government schools) to respect and trust pigs.  Is it possible that these children later develop extreme cases of Stockholm syndrome when they are old enough to experience the power that pigs are given over them, thereby creating a destructive feedback loop that puts us in the situation we are in today.  Is it not also possible that the “career” of law enforcement simply attracts sadistic, power hungry perverts that like to violate people to gratify their hedonistic desire to dominate others?

Remember police forces are not elected or privately funded voluntarily, so "the people" do not have much of a way to steer their behavior or department policies in a more humane direction.



Comment by Ed Price
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Is it possible that they attorneys are behind this continual police brutality? After all, they get paid for fighting each other in court on behalf of the plaintiff (city) and the defendant, no matter who wins.

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