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Sen Kyl: President Admitted He Purposely Doesn’t Secure Mexican Border

The President told him, regarding securing the southern border with Mexico, “The problem is, . . . if we secure the border, then you all won’t have any reason to support ‘comprehensive immigration reform.’”

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Comment by Anonymous
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 Make no mistake.  They will not control the border until the national id system is entrenched and water tight.

Then the new "crisis" will be that the border should not be closed, but open.

The JBS has been instructing us about this since the 1980s.  It's developing exactly as it had been planned.


Comment by Anonymous
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 Kyl?  Lol.

Kyl was behind the 2005 shamnesty plan

In 2006, the Kyl "border security" ammendment to the attempted McCain shamnesty was nothing more than, yep you got it, expansion of the REAL ID program and e-Verify.  In other words, nothing to actually secure anything except the government from its citizens.


Comment by Anonymous
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WHO in Congress has the sand to bring impeachment charges?  Speak up!

WHO in Congress has the sand to vote for impeachment?  Speak up!

WHO in the Senate has the sand to vote to remove Obama?  Speak up!



Comment by McElchap
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 Obama, by Senator Kyl's testimony, is guilty of an impeachable offense amounting to treason. He is clearly charged by iour Constitution with defending our borders. To refuse to do secure the borders, holding that security hostage to get his Marxist political agenda enacted by Congress, should be grounds to try and convict him. The millions trespassing our borders with the open support of the Mexican government, constitutes invasion. Many shootings on the border have underscored the danger posed by this intolerable situation that Obama refuses to rectify. Obama is saying he will not stop the invasion until the illegal aliens, mostly Mexicans, get his lucrative "Amnesty" package which will give them everything they want as our undocumented president panders to these prospects for the Democrat vote. Obama should be removed from office as a traitor to the American people!