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GM Alfalfa Ban Overturned – Why Am I NOT Surprised?

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Well folks, good old Clarence Thomas remained true to form and overturned the ban on GM Alfalfa. They will begin planting upon completion of the USDA’s Environmental Impact Statement and review. But wait, maybe the USDA will decide to not allow it! And I think I just saw a pig fly over my house. Remember, this is this the same USDA that gives insurance breaks to farmers willing to plant genetically modified crops instead of normal ones. But just maybe this “non-biased” agency will decide in favor of common sense and the health of the people, eh? FAT CHANCE! 

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Dang, for moment there I thought the upcoming massive food shortage they've got planned had actually suffered a bit of a setback (see a report I uploaded: . Should'a know better. Ernest probably saw that coming a mile away. Once in a while I still suffer from the notion that a few good men can change the system. I'm drawing closer to the notion that a bunch good men have to ignore the system while it quietly drowns. But how do you ignore this? It will infect hay and grass everywhere. This is soooooooo bad.

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