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NYC car bomb suspect pleads guilty, calls it 'war'

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U.S. District Judge Miriam Goldman Cedarbaum challenged Shahzad repeatedly with questions such as whether he had worried about killing children in Times Square.

"One has to understand where I'm coming from," Shahzad calmly replied. "I consider myself ... a Muslim soldier."


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Comment by Found Zero
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As chief of the Arizona Ambivalent Police, we have often thought of planting bombs but then reconsidered our actions. Then we argued the merits of joke-bombs like whipped cream bombs in heavily congested urban areas but some of us throught that might actually scare somebody. On the whole, the Ambivalent Police have a very clear mission directive, we're just highly conflicted about who to apply it to. And if you want to know more, if you really want to hear us talk YOU CAN JUST PAY FOR OUR THERAPY FOR ANOTHER 24 MONTHS.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Wasn't on Heidi Bierich's  domestic terrorist list, but I am sure that won't stop them using him for fund raising.

What happens in a courtroom when you can't tell the monsters apart?

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