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WeAreChangeLA’s Bruno Bruhwiler vs. Terrorism Charges Update

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Plus interviews by Jack Blood, the Corbett Report and others around the world are calling for much needed financial support for Bruno’s defense fund. WeAreChange Holland created to help raise funds and create awareness of what’s happening to Bruno throughout Europe. Bruno says that he is deeply touched and frankly surprised at how supportive the 9/11 Truth Community is being. He never expected so many people to have his back.

To clarify the ‘Terrorist Threat’ charge that Bruno is facing: The California Penal Code is 422 and is a charge of “Terrorist Threat”. Terrorist threats have always been considered serious crimes in the United States, but law enforcement agencies have become especially strict since the World Trade Center attacks on 9/11. A terrorist threat is the threat to commit an act of violence intended to threaten or intimidate another individual(s) with reckless disregard of the risks.

Consequences of a Terrorist Threat Conviction-

The consequences of a terrorist threat conviction can range in severity depending on such factors as prior criminal convictions, status of parole/probation, amount of media attention on the case, and other circumstances. Punishments and penalties of a terrorist threat conviction may include:
Prison time
Loss of Constitutional rights (right to vote or own a deadly weapon)
Parole or probation
Hefty fines
And more

Since 9/11 charges of Terrorism, including California Code 422, need less burden of proof in order to prosecute than other felonies and get Federal Funding. Often US Citizens accused of minor crimes find themselves facing Terrorism Charges as a direct result of 9/11.

Bruno -“I was told to my face that I was being charged with a Terrorist Threat. If someone is charged with a Terrorist Threat, then apparently the code they use is the one they chose.”

Katy, Michael and Susie were also told that 422 is a Terrorism Charge by a Sheriff at the court house on May 28th. Not wanting to believe it, they had Susie’s husband check on line that day from work. Sure enough they learned that Bruno is indeed facing Terrorism Charges.

Bruno - “Apparently because of the Terrorist Threat and Felony Resisting Arrest charges, as well as being referred to as ‘crazy’ and in need of ‘psyche meds’ I was treated as a ’special inmate’ and kept in shackles and solidarity isolation. They kept me in Room #6 for hours on end where the frigid air was blasted. Anybody who has been in jail knows that its cold, I have been there on more than one occasion, but this was like nothing I have ever experienced. Eventually, I lost all my body heat. When they took the shackles off, I pulled my arms through my sleeves and pulled my shirt over the bridge of my nose. One officer continuously opened the window in the door and called me crazy guy. I got so cold that my legs, arms, shoulders began convulsing uncontrollably. Not shivering… convulsing. I had never experienced that in my life. I passed out. A couple of times, the same officer opened the door and yelled at me, bringing me back to consciousness, only to leave me convulsing and to pass out again. Finally, he opened the door and yelled at me, and another officer shackled me again, led me into a cage in the courtroom, and I stood there shivering.”

Some Good News-

Bruno has been successful in obtaining a continuance of the court proceedings in order to find a decent attorney. We’ve bought a little time, but we need a qualified attorney ASAP and we need the funds to pay them. It is imperative that we find someone who will fight for Bruno; someone who has not sold out the Constitution. Not an easy task and personal recommendations for Criminal Defense Attorneys from the LA area are welcome. We’ve been in contact with several potential attorneys; choosing an attorney is a very crucial step in the process, so we need to see all or our options before a final decision is made.

We are a little more than half way to our funding goal of $18,000. Thank you everyone who has chipped in on the “CHIP IN” on Friends of Bruno and WeAreChangeLA members are profoundly grateful for your generosity and spirit of community. Bruno is overwhelmed by the love and support he feels coming from all of you and you’ve given him new strength to keep fighting.

Fight we must if we are going to clear Bruno of these grossly unfounded Terrorism and Felony Resisting Arrest charges that are hanging like a dark cloud over Southern California’s most active 9/11 Truth group. Please continue to spread the word and if you can give any amount, however big or small, please do. As mentioned we are only half way to our goal for Bruno’s defense fund. Go to or and click the CHIP IN. On you’ll find the CHIP IN down and to the right and on you’ll find it at the top of the page. Please give what you can and keep us in your prayers.

We will be updating you as things progress. God bless you all.


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