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Fascist Synergy: The Bill Of Rights Don't Exist In BP's America

As he explained to me, he was standing in a field that did not belong to the oil company when a police officer approached him and asked him for ID and "strongly suggest[ed]" that he get lost since "BP doesn't want people filming": Here's the key exchange: Wheelan: "Am I violating any laws or anything like that?" Officer: "Um...not particularly. BP doesn't want people filming." Wheelan: "Well, I'm not on their property so BP doesn't have anything to say about what I do right now." Officer: "Let me explain: BP doesn't want any filming. So all I can really do is strongly suggest that you not film anything right now. If that makes any sense." Not really! Shortly thereafter, Wheelan got in his car and drove away but was soon was pulled over. It was the same cop, but this time he had company: Kenneth Thomas, whose badge, Wheelan told me, read "Chief BP Security." The cop stood by as Thomas interrogated Wheelan for 20 minutes, asking him who he worked with, who he answered to, what he was doing, why he was down here in Louisiana.

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