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Soros says Germany could cause euro collapse

• Reuters
Germany's budget savings policy risks destroying the European project and a collapse of the euro cannot be ruled out, billionaire investor George Soros said in a newspaper interview released on Wednesday.

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Comment by Mike Wolske
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Heres whats worse: Germans have been made to work until they are 69 years old, before they retire, so they can pay for greeces deficit, which includes allowing greeks to retire at 55.

 And all of the countries are broke!  Its just a matter of who will write bonds against future taxes the worse, in order to bail out the other countries. 


Buy Gold!

Comment by Olde Reb
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Let me get this straight. Neither Greece, or Germany, or Spain, or France are sovereign economic nations. None of them can print or inflate the value of the Euro. They are similar to the State of California, or the (once near bankrupt ) City of New York than to the sovereign nation of the U.S.

Greece has inflated salaries of government workers along with granting lavish benefits, has swelled the

bureaucracy and imposed economic oppression on the taxpayers while relieving the government elite of tax burdens. Germany has practiced economic frugality and common sense in their spending. Now, the global Keynesists wants Germany to bail out Greece and Spain ?? Should North Dakota pay California’s welfare costs ?

Soros is of course maintaining bets on how the Euro value goes while making press to move the market. Geeze.

Comment by Die Daily
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Isn't shorting using futures that "bet on the value going down"? So how would lowing their exposure to toxic debt and de-leveraging their currency be shorting? (I'm not that versed in financial market terms; I'm actually asking rather than disagreeing.)

What I read was "Germany, don't you dare outlaw all our hyena hedge-fund ponzi schemes and how dare you make our zombie banks act like actual banks"...sort of thing.

Comment by Anonymous
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 Read between the lines.

What Soros is saying is that if you spend less (deflate), you are shorting your currency.  If you're going to short, I'm going to beat you to it so you're done before you start.

Spend more now or else.

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