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New World Order vs Useless Eaters: Are Americans Going To Starve?

The people now find themselves at the abject mercy of an indifferent, disengaged government bureaucracy only intent on expanding their agenda and the population’s dependency. Listen to the rhetoric from the federal government. Their major concern is not the people or the cleanup, it is how they will extort large sums of money from BP, how they will push forward their Cap and Trade fiasco and how they can take over yet another sector of the economy.

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Comment by Tim Anderson
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"What would cause a food shortage in America? LOL!" 

1) U.N. Ordering water cutoff due to a 1" Minnow that's not even native and was brought in for fish bait. 2) Spraying COREXIT or numerous other "mistakes" or "human errors" they can cook up. Do you see the PTB stemming job losses to China/India? Do you really think the PTB is planning on supporting the "Baby Boomers" through their extended retirement? On whose DIME, theirs? LOL!! Well then "WHAT" are they planning to do with all the unemployed and hungry former workers?
Comment by Anonymous
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     No food in the United States of America? How is that going to happen? A giant Asteroid just dropped from the sky, wiped out vegetation and killed all edible quadrupeds and bipeds in the asphalt jungle and deprived two-legged, bespectacled carnivorous dinosaurs of food? Even what is left of America is a sparsely populated jungle like Micronesia, the chance of surviving without food is excellent. No need to store food.  Just live with the elements. The do-nothing wife of the man in uniform -- who was himself fighting to survive in Iraq and Afghanistan -- and the happy female winner of the last Survivor Episode, Micronesia, will tell you how she survived. To survive, don’t expect storing food had ever crossed her mind.


Comment by Found Zero
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Ross Wolf, what the hell do you mean "if leftists succeed"? Do you mean if neoclown tea-ocon neobaggers don't?

Hey the teabaggers, when polled were great: cut spending anyplace but my wallet. Them teaspooners just LUVS them some medicare and social security and 10% off at Golden Corral.

Tell us what you think of our international military empire and how we might just shave a few dimes off our deficit growth.

Comment by Anonymous
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      Where will you store food for what and how long and how big would be the size for whose survival from what?


    There are so many hows and whats and whens to store food for human consumption but not a single one of them is discussed in the article.


    Who would go fish in the lake when even what a surviving illegal immigrant that just crossed the border all has to do is clean somebody’s backyard and with the earnings of the day go to a nearby convenient store buy fish and have a fishy but sumptuous dinner? If like in Arizona there is a law ordering the love police that those who don’t store food are not lovable and therefore should be shot on sight, those armed sheriffs will just move down all these armed fence jumpers with a machinegun fire because definitely they aren’t storing food.


     I truly appreciate the article. It more than justifies the on-going border war that the Federal Government is poised to challenge in court.  And we are not even talking about how to win the war.  We are just talking about storing food that Americans have hell no idea what is it all about!



Comment by Ross Wolf
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Historically Marxist governments have made communism work at the onset by eliminating civilian populations considered not critical until the population is reduced to a level the communist government can support; and by canalizing assets they confiscate from imprisoned and terminated Citizens.

Another bank failure could not only cause a long-term collapse of the U.S. economy but result, in marshal law or ultimately fascism being imposed on Americans to maintain order. When the economy collapsed in the 1930’s, ninety-percent of Americans lived in rural communities where food could be grown at home or purchased cheaply. Homes were not heavily mortgaged. Currently in 2010 15-million illegal aliens populate America; 1200 street gangs threaten Citizens in 230 U.S. Cities. Currently 90% of Citizens live in metropolitan communities. Envision what might happen in 2012 for example, in major U.S. Cities if residents after an economic collapse could not pay their rent, mortgage or buy food. The U.S. would have to send troops into large cities to keep order, militarize civilian police and establish tent-cities for the unruly and homeless. Constitutional protections would be terminated; most retirement accounts worthless and little government money, if money is worth anything for Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare; and perhaps the end of appreciating investments. If leftists succeed in spending America into bankruptcy, it is foreseeable millions of disparate Americans might accept, even welcome a hybrid form of Marxist/socialism.While some in the Obama Government say they support dismantling capitalism, brick by brick, does their endgame call for destruction of the United States?

Obama administration is filing a suit to stop Arizona’s illegal immigration bill SB 1070. The Lawsuit makes sense when you consider Obama’s Socialist/Marxist constituency intends to use millions of illegal immigrants to force unaffordable public services on States and U.S. Government to financially overwhelm and cripple government infrastructures, problematically destroying the United States. In the interim Congress to forestall an economic collapse will have to hugely raise Citizens’ taxes; ironically that will feed leftist mandates that Citizens’ share their wealth with the masses.

Increasingly it appears Obama intends to force a form of Marist/socialism on Americans—even if that means destroying the U.S. economy. The longer Obama can keep the Mexican border open, millions more illegal immigrants will come to America to financially bleed U.S. Taxpayers and governments dry, politically changing the direction of America toward Socialism.


Comment by Found Zero
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In a nutshell, yes. 

It's a common progressive misconception that all patriots are wealthy. Many of us, I suspect at least 1/3 of us are actually "poor" in American terms.

We're already relying on our "survival food" and "long term food storage. Our back-up plan is getting eaten away at literally.

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