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The Coming U.S. Real Estate Crash

The Gulf of Mexico oil spill is the greatest environmental disaster in U.S. history, and it is threatening to become one of the greatest economic disasters in U.S. history. Already, real estate agents along the Gulf coast are reporting that the oil spill has completely killed the real estate industry in the region. As this disaster continues to grow worse by the day, homes in the southeast United States will continue to look less and less appealing. In fact, many are now projecting that the crisis in the Gulf will actually crush the housing industry from coast to coast.

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Oh reeeeeeeeeeeeeally? Real estate crash? You have GOT to be kidding me.

Real estate, yeah. And millions of jobs. MILLIONS. All of the dependent industries are what the MSM has begun to understand. But what we're talking about here is the simultaneous destruction of an entire eco-zone, all of it's dependent indutries, a score of Native American reservations and communities, heck people A WHOLE WAY OF LIFE AND IT'S PLACE TO BE.

NOLA, the whole region with it's gumbo, pretty much the whole Cajun thing, GONE. FOREVER.

Florida' and the whole region's tourist industry GONE FOREVER.

As Arkies were during the dustbowl, so will people with Louisianan accents soon show up in our towns, looking for work, looking for a meal and a place to sleep.

I imagine this is all terribly disappointing to invetors who might have been looking for the next asset fire-sale. Even though there are more people than ever looking to sell you some swamp ground in the everglades.

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