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Cap back after robot nudge stalls oil collection

• AP

A cap was back in place on BP's broken oil well in the Gulf of Mexico after a deep-sea blunder forced crews to temporarily remove what has been the most effective method so far for containing some of the massive spill.

Engineers using remote-controlled submarines repositioned the cap late Wednesday after it had been off for much of the day. It had captured 700,000 gallons of oil in the 24 hours before one of the robots bumped into it.


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Comment by Found Zero
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Aw gee would you look at that. I just nudged an empty beer can and what do you know but it spilled.

Fortunately I have my own disaster contingency program in effect. The pitbull is licking up the dregs. It's a simple but effective system. And things are fragile in a camper trailer. Fixtures are meant for occasional usage and systems need constant maintenance.

Now why doesn't somebody explain to me in simple terms I can understand, why it is that all these engineers and geologists and scientists can't manage better response or preparation?

It could be sweet if we take matters into our own hands. Me, I'm a mid-level activist, undesirous of a national reputation or recognition so I'd say a $1.5M home with several sportscars and SUVs would compenstate me half well.

Hey BP, how many executives you got and what is their net real estate value in the USA? I might just take a notion to have you give me a little stimulus package. Given as I'm paying for your government thug protection, I might just help myself to some compensation.

Comment by Found Zero
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Robot "nudge". OK what kind of valve was that? A 1/2" ball valve? A Kohler kitchen fawcet? Was it electronically controlled so the robot just happended to brush up against a button?

Just what kind of hardware are they using down there and where are they getting it? Home Depot?