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The Electoral College is on the verge of being eliminated

Attacks on the Electoral College Gain Momentum [Tara Ross] You won’t hear about it in the mainstream media, but the Electoral College is on the verge of being eliminated. One important legislative vote could occur Thursday. Two others could occur in the upcoming days and weeks. A California-based group, National Popular Vote, is lobbying hard for a dangerous piece of anti-Electoral College legislation. My NRO article on the mechanics of the legislation is here. Five states have already approved NPV, but now three additional states are dangerously close to joining them: Delaware, Massachusetts, and New York. Another trio of state legislatures approved the scheme, but their governors vetoed the plan. These latter states remain important; a reasonable argument can be made that the gubernatorial vetoes are irrelevant. If each of these states is counted, NPV could have as many as 169 electoral votes in favor of its plan. It needs 270. NPV has come startlingly close to success even as

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Comment by Chris Wagner
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"even as most Americans remain completely unaware that the presidential-election process is so close to being turned on its head. "


is this for real??  I bet most Americans don't know what the electoral college is or what it does

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