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Woman tests the limits of free speech

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She thought she was still well within her First Amendment rights to display an upside-down pentagram, a five-pointed symbol familiar to Masons, magicians, Wiccans, Satanists and others. The judge, however, was not amused, nor was he interested in debating the limits of Brown’s free speech and religious freedom rights.

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She shouldn't be surprised that she got powned by her neighbors in court. Her own philosophy states that she gets what you invokes (or in this case evokes) so that the outcome ostensibly matches up in some way with the symbolism she chose to use. Being the singular uncontested principle of sympathetic magic across all historical periods and cultures, from the visions of shaman to the 'reap what you sow' of the modern religions.

Since she chose a pentagram that had its apex down, which Google can tell you is believed to mean placing the Spirit on the bottom, dominated by the four elements of the flesh presiding above. How smart is that? What the heck did she think would happen?

Still as a libertarian I would have tried to respond differently. Perhaps I would have drawn a right-side-up star on my barn to announce my spirit-over-matter approach load and proud, but still supported her right to be a bit ignorant and backward if that's what she's into. My tastes are a little less 13th century, but arresting people for what boils down to a matter of personal taste is bad bad bad. She should test the law by painting the symbol again, this time with six points. In blue, on a white field. Then it wouldn't have to matter how her neighbors felt about it.