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Sleep, Dreaming, and National Suicide

Do you see why we’re Depressed? When the reaction to the most mild challenges to power is irrational, hysterical violence, false imprisonments, frivolous lawsuits, IRS harassments, law changing at a whim, we know we can’t stop the system by pushing it, by any known challenge, or even involving ourselves with it. This was proven years ago, with the Indians, with the Rebels, with the Hippies, then the South Americans, the Arabs, the Asians. And the system that we turned on them has now turned on us. It’s gone categorically and demonstrably insane. What is it to be insane? A danger to one’s self and others? Check. Divorced from reality? Check. Actively defending beliefs that are demonstrably false, even with violence? Check. Cannot be reasoned with by any argument, but whose beliefs and goals are an unalterable article of faith? Check. The only answer when you have a violent, insane neighbor, who is protected by the world’s largest army of the world’s largest government, is to stay far, far away and let matters take their own path.

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