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The Great Tropical Debt Depression

There are scores of hard-working well-meaning Americans who base their decisions on what they think is a neutral news source. What they don’t realize is that the Post, as well as most US economists, are merely part of a propaganda machine, pushing the growth religion that has put the present day high priests where they are and where they intend to stay. At the cost of their readers and clients. We are in the early innings of a depression, guys, and we’ve never gotten out, there is zero chance of a double dip because we’re still mired neck-deep in the first dip. What we’ve done is what I’ve described before: we've taken money out of our left hand pocket and put it into out right hand one. Then we proceed to focus only on our right hand pocket and voilà: we tell ourselves we’re richer than we were before. Not only is that a stupid move, we’ve also been charged interest to move the cash from one pocket to another, and have been so happy to be rich again we didn't even notice. That's all old news for those of you who been following The Automatic Earth through time, though you, like me, must be as amused as you are disturbed by the fact that it just keeps going on, this political spin machine that eats people alive and throws their remains off the back of the truck.

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