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The Toronto G20 Riot Fraud: Undercover Police engaged in Purposeful Provocation

Considerable evidence, including photographs, strongly suggests that once again the police are implanting "Black Bloc" rioters into the peaceful crowds--at taxpayer expense. Very interesting article. The photographs are rather conclusive. You may laugh, because once again it's the boots that give them away. It's the same game that they were busted at playing when they implanted "anarchists" into the crowds in 2007 at the Montebello 'security and prosperity partnership' summit in Quebec. In that previous instance, CBC and other mainstream news coverage following upon widespread outrage forced them to admit what they had done, which they did! Will they have to admit it again? Take a look at the photos and decide for yourself.

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Comment by Concerned Patriot
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WTF is this?

I have way funnier FAIL pics in ma /b/ folder dudes look around that ones stupid and overused

Comment by Gerald Smith
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This article is nonsense. See a summary of the counter-arguments here:

Comment by Found Zero
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Terms are getting screwed up here. "Black Block" hasn't been referred to in over a decade. What you are all taking about is the "Black Flag" anarchists. 

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