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Fed Has Lost It; Publishes Essay Bashing Bloggers

Kartik Athreya has written the most idiotic "research" piece to come out of the Federal Reserve since 1913, and the Fed has written a lot of idiotic research since then - after all you don't destroy 98% of the dollar's purchasing power in 97 years with non-idiotic research. But this just takes the cake. In "Economics is Hard. Don’t Let Bloggers Tell You Otherwise" Kartik says: "I argue that neither non-economist bloggers, nor economists who portray economics —especially macroeconomic policy— as a simple enterprise with clear conclusions, are likely to contribute any insight to discussion of economics and, as a result, should be ignored by an open-minded lay public."

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Comment by Die Daily
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"First they ignore you, then they mock you, then they fight you, then you win." M. Gandhi

Comment by Found Zero
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Well since my B.A. is in the social sciences, I find the article author unqualified to speak to human beings. He should confine himself to statistical analysis and whatever clerical duties, such as emptying the waste-basket, as his doctorate qualifies him for.