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GREAT G-20 Photostream!

• NationalPost via THANKS!!!
SUPER pics - I could see us there doing this... : )

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Comment by Ed Vallejo
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Check this out!

EXPOSED! - G20 Police in Black Bloc Anarchist Gear @ 0:45 - Toronto 

There are a LOT of YouTubes about 'Agents Provocateurs' at the G-20!

Comment by Ed Vallejo
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You and I must not have been the only one's to spot their 'Agent Provocateur', because they went back and PURGED over half of the pics in this photo gallery - to eliminate "Agent 37" That's what I call him, because the first photo he is in is STILL THERE - look at photo #37 - that's him in front with the 'utility belt' with his agitation tools on it!

I noticed him right away too!  Good eye. 

Comment by Ducati Jeanne
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Interesting photos.  I couldn't help but notice the photos of the blatant vandalism seemed to be done by a particular/similar dressed individual nearly every time.  Oh, sure, I wear Vietnam surplus "combat" boots during some of the street actions and marches but somehow I never look the part of window smashing pro. At least I don't think so.

Comment by Die Daily
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Thanks, Ed, this was the best set of photos I've seen so far. Isn't it funny that even as we are surveilled by the state, we've got, at minimum, hundreds of thousands of cameras surveilling them pretty much full time! Too ironic. Now with iPod Touch controlled hover drones...heh heh heh. We can start to REALLY police the police, now. We have to remember to be just as loud in the defense of good cops and good civil servants as we are in exposing the bad ones, or we will get nowhere fast.

Comment by Found Zero
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Black Flag anarchists & cops seem to be partners in crime. It's all scripted, all painfully useless. The sheer property destruction alone is unfathomable.

But hey, it's progressive liberal destruction so in the eyes of the MSM, we remain the terrorists.

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