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Ex-Chicago policeman guilty of lying about torture

• Reuters
A retired Chicago police commander suspected of using electric shocks, suffocation and mock executions to force suspects to confess was found guilty on Monday of lying about the brutality.

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Comment by Anonymous
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 Stick him in general population.

Comment by Found Zero
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Ah but the shield allows the cop to lie. Lie through their teeth, but through initial contact, through all investigation, through grand jury tampering, through prosectutorial conspiracy and on the bench.

Heck, judges and prosecutors get to lie with impuntity on the bench. WTF are we talking about here?

We're talking about a community (us) that tries to separate the good from the bad. Heck. WTF are we talking about again? We have to figure out if the player of state is honourable or what?

Fuck this. Congressmean, senators, government officials all lie and get immunity. We make a mistake with a broken tail-light on our cars and we get b-b-b-busted.

Time is coming short on you cops. If I were you I'd be thinking seriously about moving you, the wife and the kids to another country. Time will not judge lightly on your chosen profession and it don't hold good prospects for your golden parachute. No matter what it's made out of, if you are in the North American continent, there will be the people you victimized. Hiya, howdy. Remember us?

Comment by Found Zero
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