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Elena Kagan Believes "The War on Terror" Will Never End!

What a breath-taking exchange! Rather than challenge Lindsey on his slippery definition (referring to “hostilities” rather than war), rather than challenging him on the premise, Kagan simply nods in agreement. One minority party Senator and the Solicitor General sat in a hearing today and decided between them the state of hostilities under which the Executive Branch has assumed war-like powers to fight terrorism will never end. The police state will continue forever.

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Comment by Dracula Tepish
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Comment by Ed Price
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The war on terror settled down for awhile, when the United States of America was formed. Now the terror has crept into our government. One of the greatest assets that we have is the anti-terrorists in government. These are the men and women who uphold their office of trust and fight their fellows in government who are terrorists.